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Global Streaming Rights For Seinfeld Obtained By Netflix, Starting 2021

It might have ended in 1998, but some comedies are as cherished at present as Seinfeld. And this was why Netflix has supposedly remunerated more than $500 Million to acquire the show’s rights for 5 Years, commencing in 2021. The deal will witness the Seinfeld’s 180 episodes given to global and US subscribers of Netflix after the Hulu deal ends in 20121, as reported by The Los Angeles Times.

Though $130 million was shelled out for the comedy by Hulu to obtain the domestic streaming rights for 6 Years, the agreement of Netflix will bestow it with complete command. Nevertheless, the sum remunerated for Seinfeld is blurred, it is “far more” compared to the $500 Million remunerated for The Office by NBCUniversal and the $425 Million remunerated for Friends by WarnerMedia, as reported by the Times.

Certainly, Netflix will be placing Seinfeld as a substitute for The Office and Friends that will be departing the service of NBCUniversal in 2021, and in 2020 for HBO Max, respectively. Last year, the 2 were the most-streamed shows on Netflix. Seinfeld—that, this year, turned 30—initially had an aspect ratio of 4:3 and came in standard definition. The show was re-mastered by Hulu a widescreen, HD format, and the complete series will be presented in 4K by Netflix. Ted Sarandos, the Chief Content Officer at Netflix, said, “Seinfeld is the TV comedy that all TV comedies are evaluated against. It’s as funny and fresh as ever and will be accessible in 4K for the foremost instance to the world.”

Likewise, the Great Streaming Wars of 2020 formally have one more competitor as NBCUniversal declared the particulars of its imminent streaming service. It’s dubbed “Peacock“—a green signal to the distinctively colorful logo of the NBC network. Peacock will roll out in April 2020 and comprise more than 15,000 H of content, entailing a huge array of classic sitcoms, new original shows, reboots of classic sitcoms, and a films’ library from Universal Pictures.

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