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Apple Is Currently Fighting The European Union’s Tax Bill In Court

Apple is currently in the hot soup just days prior to the release of its iPhone 11. The company is fighting with the European Union’s 13 billion euro tax bill in court. The tech giant finds the tax bill to be defying reality and common sense. In the General Court of Luxembourg, there is a panel of judges who are hearing the argument taking place between the two. The European Commission is asking Apple to pay back all the taxes to Ireland as the company’s European headquarters is present there. The country’s tax system has been attracting many of the US tech companies and it has been standing right behind the tech giant in court.

The company has accused the European Commission of working on adding changes to national law and creating legal insecurity for companies. According to Apple lawyer Daniel Beard, the Commission’s order expects all of Apple’s sales in the foreign countries to be linked to its Irish branches, even if the products were developed in the US. The tech giant has, however, decided to channel all of its revenue to the two big companies located in Ireland. Ireland has not measured the company’s Irish unit, the related risks, and the assets used by subsidiaries as per Commission. The court’s hearing is expected to come out by the next few months and the losing party is expected to make a plea after which the final judgment will be made in the next few years.

Likewise, Apple is ready to reopen an underground store, which will occupy the full area of the Fifth Avenue plaza. The lightings are a big deal for the Apple stores and, this time, they have planned to use natural lights and LEDs. The fabric accommodations tunable LED lights will be made reactive to the external environment. This new means of lighting the stores can help illuminate tables and products inside the store.

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