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Boeing Seeks Government’s Help To Intervene In ICBM Program

Reportedly, Boeing has asked the Air Force to oblige Northrop Grumman to comprise Boeing in its offer for the GBSD (Ground-Based Strategic Deterrent) plan to propose the nation’s prospect ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missile) system. Boeing and Northrop Grumman were anticipated to contest together to be GBSD main contractors but Boeing determined in July it will not submit an application due to Northrop’s overpowering advantage as the country’s biggest producer of solid rocket motors. Soon after notifying the Air Force it will not bid, Boeing sent Northrop a plan to join forces and present a proposal with Northrop as the leading and Boeing as a principal subcontractor.

During the AFA’s (Air Force Association) Air Space & Cyber conference, Frank McCall—VP of Boeing’s Strategic Deterrence Systems—said to SpaceNews that Northrop Grumman is not willing to follow that. Now Boeing is taking government’s help to force a teaming pact, arguing that an “incorporated team will give them an advanced weapon system sooner.” McCall said. He did not say if any lawful action the company can take but stated that Boeing hopes the Air Force would help in sorting out the matter before Northrop Grumman presents its final bid that is due on December 13.

Similarly, Boeing was in news for valuing China’s airplane business at about $3 Trillion in the coming two decades. Boeing has alleged that increasing Chinese demand for planes would generate approximately $3 Trillion valued of industry business in the next two decades. In its new market prospect, the U.S. plane manufacturer estimates China will soon become the largest aviation market globally and will require 8,090 advanced planes by the end of 2038. Boeing believes in few decades one-in-five airline customers will be Chinese. The figure will equate to $1.3 Trillion in present list prices.

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