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Facebook CEO Is On The Way To Washington To Meet The Policymakers

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is going back to Washington, DC, with the plan of meeting the policymakers to have a talk on the future of Internet regulation. For now, no public meetings have been planned and neither is planning to meet President Donald Trump. Zuckerberg had last visited Washington when he had to testify before the lawmakers regarding a privacy scandal. It was found that a UK political consultancy named Cambridge Analytica was able to have access to 87 Million Facebook users without their permission and harvest all their data. It is when the Facebook founder asked the government and regulators to also play some role in combating harmful content, data portability, election integrity, and privacy.

Facebook and the government have a lot of tension being piled up as the company is battling against the privacy scandals and efforts to fight the spread of misinformation, hate speech, and other offensive content. Lately, the Federal Trade Commission slammed Facebook with a record $5-billion fine for its alleged privacy violation. The company has also been told to have been faking about the fact of encouraging conservative speech. Zuckerberg will be holding a meeting with the US Sen. Josh Hawley, who is a Missouri Republican to have put forth a bill in June that would let tech firms such as Facebook be answerable for political bias. The companies like Google and Facebook have declared before the Senate lawmakers regarding how they keep violence and extremism off their sites. The lawmakers are working on a draft to form a national commission at the Department of Homeland Security to help understand the way social media is being weaponized.

Despite the privacy issues, Facebook has got another plan of having Portal TV, which is a small black camera that can be attached on top of the TV or kept on a stand below it. This product is expected to hit the market soon regardless of the endless scandals the company is dealing with. The new product will have its video-on-demand service Facebook Watch, the group television experience Watch Party, WhatsApp, Amazon Prime TV, and augmented reality games.

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