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ESA Takes Extra Efforts For ExoMars Parachute Tests

The ESA (European Space Agency) has wanted help from NASA in an attempt to qualify problematical parachutes that jeopardizes the launch of the ExoMars 2020 mission.

ESA is setting up two new high-altitude trials of the subsonic and supersonic main chutes for the descent, entry, and landing stage of the ExoMars mission, after the failures in May and August.

The new trials, to be conducted in February and December, will test the subsonic (35 Meters in width) and supersonic (15 Meters in diameter) parachutes required to slow the descent of the lander.

Both trials, to be conducted at high elevation to replicate the Martian environment, require succeeding so that the parachutes can pass qualification. The ExoMars mission encounters a final evaluation planned in April 2020, claimed ExoMars program manager Francois Spoto to the media in an interview.

“Now the situation is vital, certainly, since we have no margin and limited time,” Spoto claims.

If one of the tests is unsuccessful, the mission will miss the narrow launch window (July 25 to August 13) next year and jump to the next 2022 window. The rover and lander segments are progressing well in the meantime and all set for environmental experimentation.

ExoMars will reach Mars in March 2021 and will be launched on a Russian Proton rocket. It will use a complex system of 4 parachutes, with 2 tiny pilot chutes employed to chronologically deploy the subsonic main chute and supersonic “disc–gap band” chute.

On a related note, China stays on schedule to prepare its first self-governing mission in time to Mars for a short launch window later in 2020, as per a leading space executive.

“The Mars 2020 mission aircraft is going through integration,” director of the NSSC (National Space Science Center), Wang Chi, claimed to the media in Beijing in an interview.

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