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New Partnership Seeks To Enhance Space Safety

A bunch of satellite operators and other agencies have joined hands to support a set of best methods meant to enhance space safety, comprising actions to lower the danger of accidents in orbit.

The Space Safety Coalition, which has over 20 member agencies who together operate almost 25% of all active satellites, launched its list of best methods this week to agree with the beginning of the AMOS (Advanced Maui Optical and Space Surveillance Technologies) conference here. This is nothing but a discussion on space traffic management and space situational awareness.

Summarized in a 17-page file, the best practices build upon current standards and guidelines for mitigating orbital wreckages, detecting measures that satellite firms can take to additionally lower the making of orbital wreckage and the danger of accidents with other objects.

“Companies can do things in addition to what this agency can get to,” claimed the Center for Space Standards and Innovation’s Dan Oltrogge to the media in a statement. “Many of the operators actually need to do better.”

The best methods comprise over 40 measures meant to enhance space security, from proper dumping of upper stages of launch vehicle, actions to exchange data on satellite operations, a “safety-by-design” method for separate satellites and bunch of satellites, and other methods for the operation and design of satellites meant to lower the danger of accidents.

On a related note, almost more than 12 fragments from India’s anti-satellite test performed earlier this month surpassed the altitudes of more than 1,000 kilometers. This indicates that some debris will stay much longer than expected by India in orbit, as per research from AGI (Analytical Graphics Inc.).

One piece was seen at 2,222 Kilometers, almost 8 times higher as compared to where India expected one of its own satellites with a ground-blasted missile, claimed senior research astrodynamicist Dan Oltrogge.

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