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Synthetic Marijuana In Edible Products And Vapes Are Concerning

Vaping epidemic is currently a big deal for the health officials as there thousands of people who are losing lives annually due to its regular use. The vape CBD is the new craze among adults, especially teenagers. Though one may find it very relaxing at the moment, the vapors of it may even end up one in a coma later on. CBD is a popular compound that is extracted from the cannabis plant for further use as a therapy for ailments. CBD oil is currently one of the popular street drugs. Looking at the high demand for CBD, many of the companies have started replacing it with an illegal and cheap version that is synthetic marijuana. The synthetic version of it is sold in vapes and edible forms like gummy bears.

There are many who are ending up in the emergency rooms owing to the use of vapes. The drug enforcement agents have started introducing stringent laws so as to curb the illegal sale and use of the drugs. The synthetic marijuana of 30 kinds are being sold right now and the most common of it is K2 (spice), which has no medical history. The pods were found to contain the illegal synthetic versions made in different flavors. There are psychoactive chemicals being added to a number of products so as to work as natural CBD. The Mississippi authorities have found fentanyl to be the reason behind the death of 30,000 people last year.

Without keeping the health consequences in mind, the companies are producing illegal products to make quick bucks. This new contamination in the supply and demand chain may help the product sale spike but, at the same time, have a dramatic effect on the users’ health. On the similar note, the FDA has found CBD-based medicine to help treat seizures, epilepsy but its use be it in the natural or synthetic form in the drinks, foods, dietary supplements, and others is not suggested. There are pharmacies like Neiman Marcus department stores that sell beauty products like CBD candies and drinks, lotions, and creams. Kim Kardashian West had also launched a CBD-themed baby shower. Thus, the use of CBD and advertising of synthetic drugs is only going to make things worse.

Alyssa Furlow
Alyssa Furlow Author
Sr. Content Writer & Editor At Global Newspaper 24

Alyssa works as the key columnist of the Global Newspaper 24 Health section and writes various health-related news here from the last 4 years. She is actively involved in this field form the last 5 years and manages the Health section at Global Newspaper 24 as the Head of the Department efficiently. She is a master in delivering in-detail news reports on various innovations and advancements in the Healthcare industry. She is also involved in carrying out a few decisive interviews and surveys arranged with the medical organizations and professionals. Alyssa has completed a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Degree and holds great comprehension about the medical terminologies and complex concepts in it.

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