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Iridium Communications Inks $738.5 Million Contract Of DoD

Reportedly, after 5 Month-long extensions, the U.S. administration inked a 7-Year deal with Iridium Communications for indefinite use of the McLean, which is a Virginia-based company’s mobile communications assemblage. Iridium’s new EMSS (Enhanced Mobile Satellite Services) agreement is 2 Years longer and higher by almost $238.5 Million than the 5-Year agreement it inked in 2013, roughly 4 Years before it started to deploy a latest-generation constellation—Iridium Next—encouraging better service. In this week, Iridium stated that the latest 7-Year contract of worth $738.5 Million makes sure continuity for data, voice, broadcast and other services to the U.S DoD (Department of Defense) and associated users. Iridium’s 2013 bid valued $400 Million or approximately $80 Million every year.

With this new deal, Iridium stands to yield $105 Million every year on average. Almost 125,000 subscribers utilize Iridium services under the EMSS agreement, which is a figure that surged by 145% since 2013. During the World Satellite Business Week summit in Paris, Tom Fitzpatrick—Iridium Communication’s Chief Financial Officer—stated that the DoD is the company’s biggest customer, making the EMSS contract important for several future plans of the company. Fitzpatrick stated that finalization of the EMSS bid will set the stage for Iridium to roll over the French export-credit loans it utilized to support Iridium Next of worth $3 Billion that it finished deploying in January.

Recently, Iridium was in news for expanding the collaboration with Thales Alenia Space to deliver aircraft connectivity services. Lately, Virginia-based satellite constellation firm publicized Thales as the latest Iridium Certus aviation service vendor. Whilst already advancing the Iridium Certus-based FlytLINK antenna and terminal, Thales would now be capable of offering Iridium Certus connectivity services and Iridium Certus terminals to commercial aircraft, business jets, general aviation, rotorcraft, and UAVs.

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