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Malicious Cyber-Attack delays Holiday Season for Many

On Saturday, a malicious cyber-attack has subsequently resulted in the cancellation of at least 6 of RavnAir’s flights in Alaska. According to Debbie Reinwand, the spokesperson for the company, around 260 passengers have been affected. The Dash 8 aircrafts, which were affected, had to be disconnected from the Dash 8 maintenance system, and it had forced the airlines to be canceled. The flights were canceled until 12 noon on Saturday and, by afternoon the airlines were back to its normal operational schedule.

RavnAir is a regional airline that connects more than 100 Alaskan communities, most of which could not be accessed by road. Some of the regions to which the flights were canceled included the flights flying in and out of Kenai, Homer and Kodiak. The airlines, following the attack, have been working with a cybersecurity company, the authorities and the FBI to make the systems up and running again. The virus, though unconfirmed, is believed to be a ransomware attack.

The airlines had also issued a statement that they had rebooked travel tickets for the affected passengers on other flights and they were trying to add flights, wherever possible, over the next two days to avoid further inconvenience. Additionally, other RavnAir flights such as the Connect and the PenAir flights continued their operations as per their schedule on their backup system.

The attack seems to have captured the interest of cyber professionals around the world, with everyone providing an interpretation of their own on the cyber attack. This attack, while certainly not the first of its kind, has certainly disrupted the onset of the holiday season for many, as the airlines placed all its affected passengers on other flights. The airline, on its part, has provided timely updates and information to the passengers and has issued public statements and has ensured that the cyber attack was handled smoothly and passengers had a pleasant travel experience.

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