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VW Will Launch Autonomous Electric Shuttles In Qatar’s Capital

In the next few years if you visit Qatar you may see yourself using in a driverless car. Qatar and Volkswagen have struck an agreement that will convey self-driving EVs to the public transportation system in Doha (the capital city) before 2022 ends. A sum of 35 self-driving ID Buzz vehicles will carry almost 4 users each on semi-fixed paths in the Westbay region, while Scania buses will look after bigger groups. Audi’s AID and VW’s MOIA will manage the software required to operate the service.

You might see these self-driving cars on the road prior to 2022. Trials can begin in 2021 and closed testing is poised to begin next year. That is, certainly, provided there are no any challenges.

There are already autonomous shuttle platforms in a number of regions. They are not always on this scale, although, and you have not witnessed a major firm throw its weight into these initiatives in such a manner. This can be a huge chance for VW to display that its driver-free public transit can operate in real-world cases. Remember, Qatar is also a perfect testing ground with good streets and a nonattendance of snow. VW’s solution may have a harder time in other regions of the globe, at least until the tech is all set to manage adverse conditions.

On a related note, the “dieselgate” woes by Volkswagen earlier carried on as Canada blamed the firm of importing 128,000 cars that contravene its environmental rules, as per media. The country charged the firm with 2 counts of offering misleading data and 60 counts of breaching the Canadian Environmental Protection Act. A spokesperson of VW claimed that it is cooperating completely with the Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC). VW claimed that it is intent on dealing with the blames as expediently as possible.

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