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Deutsche Telekom Waits For Approval To Order Huawei Equipment

Huawei which has been kept out of 5G networks in the U.S. now gets a fresh lease of support from Germany.

Germany’s Telefonica Deutschland has asked Huawei and Nokia to help build its 5G network. Telefonica is one of the leading mobile carriers in Germany. This new order will provide some relief for Huawei, as it is reeling under the ban by the U.S.

The U.S. has asked its allies to avoid Huawei equipment giant for 5G networks. The Chinese telecom giant collects information and uses it to spy on other countries, states the U.S. administration. Washington states that Huawei is used for espionage by China.

By using the 5G network, consumers get super-fast speed for data transmission and low latency. It prides on taking minimum time for the data to be transmitted and reach its destination.

Telefonica has chosen Huawei to build its Radio Access Network. However, it has still not chosen a company for building the core for 5G. The RAN helps to connect the device with the 5G signal. Nokia Corp., the Finland-based operators will also help in building the 5G network.

Though German has not blacklisted Huawei from its 5G networks, the government has introduced a draft proposal along with security guidelines to keep its 5G equipment secure. Telefonica Deutschland now waits for the German government to give its approval, before going ahead with the deal with Huawei. Once Huawei equipment meets security standards of the German government, its equipment would be used, said the company.

The security threat involved with Huawei has made countries keep away from its networks. Australia and Japan have placed a ban on all 5G networks from Huawei. The U.K. has not taken a decision as yet.

There is much confusion by the German government in allowing Huawei equipment to be used by its companies. There are chances of exploitation of data by the Chinese, feel experts.

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