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Falcon 9 Rocket Launched To Deliver Dragon Spacecraft Into Orbit

On Thursday, a Falcon 9 rocket had been launched from Florida as it delivered a Dragon spacecraft into the orbit. Subsequently, the first stage was able to make a safe landing on the drone ship which had been stationed in the Atlantic Ocean. The webcast of the company had ended but had not provided any coverage of six-hour coast of the second stage for demonstrating its capability to a customer who has not been named.

This is 2019’s tenth launch of Falcon 9. The rocket overall has now completed as many as 76 launches. In 2020, at an unknown time, the Falcon 9 is going to almost definitely become the rocket which has the most number of launches as it is going to surpass the Atlas V. The rocket has already launched 80 times and there is another mission which is scheduled for later in the month which is the test flight of Boeing’s spacecraft named Starliner.

On the morning of Thursday at Florida’s Kennedy Space Center, the clock of the countdown has been ticking again toward the Falcon 9 launch.

Poor weather had on Wednesday spoilt the first launch attempt of the cargo mission to the space station. In the atmosphere’s upper level, the winds had been above the level which could have been termed acceptable for a safe launch. The sea near the ship had been way too rough for the stable landing of the rocket.

SpaceX had, therefore, reset this launch to Thursday which was its backup date. The weather conditions in and around the coast of Florida had been more suitable on the morning of Thursday so they decided to launch on this particular date.

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