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Ryan Reynolds Now Has A Share In Low-Cost Carrier Mint Mobile

No, you are not dreaming. Ryan Reynolds (the famous actor) has purchased an ownership share in Mint Mobile, the affordable carrier that supposedly saves you money by allowing you buy service beforehand. It seems like a total mismatch when celebrities have a routine of supporting designer headphones or junk science, but to Reynolds it makes logic. It’s better to market a “more sensible method to the most necessary technology” than luxury goods you do not actually require.

And this is not strictly a publicity stunt, either. Reynolds will assist with marketing and communications, but he will also be comprised in “tactical decision-making” at Mint. You are not expected to see hawking service by Deadpool, unluckily, but his guy will have a very real stance in the wireless carrier’s future.

To some level, this shows the US’ evolving cellular landscape. While the leading 4 carriers (Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile) still aim to dominate, there has been a hurry of virtual suppliers such as Ting, Mint, and Google Fi that have tested different business models. The involvement of Reynolds offers their unconventional formulas a dash of additional credibility, even if they are not about to collapse the establishment.

Speaking of Reynolds, if Apple TV+ is going to take streaming rivals along with Netflix head-on, it is going to require a major weapon in its armory: star-loaded holiday specials. And not surprisingly, its first special seems to be in progress. Media sources claim that Apple is finalizing a contract to purchase a musical reinterpretation of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens starring Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell.

This may not be a cinematic masterwork when it is helmed by the team responsible for the Daddy’s Home films (also featuring Will Ferrell). On the other hand, Apple was allegedly very keen—sources claimed that it “jumped assertively” on the production.

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