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California Taking Legal Action Against Juul For Supposedly Targeting Minors

California is taking legal action against Juul (the e-cigarette maker). The lawsuit blames that Juul failed to alert users of their exposure to chemicals connected to birth defects and cancer, aimed at underage people in California with its sales and marketing practices, breached the privacy rights of teens by retaining their email IDs even when they failed verification of age, and failed to correctly confirm the age of its users. Xavier Becerra (California Attorney General), Jackie Lacey (Los Angeles District Attorney), and the County of Los Angeles declared the lawsuit this week.

Becerra claimed that the lawsuit follows after a 21-month probe into Juul and its sales and marketing practices. In an interview, Becerra claimed that the number of high school students vaping this year is 27.5%, up from 11.7% a couple of years back. Becerra accuses that, partly, on vaping goods traded in “fruity child-friendly flavors,” like those earlier claimed by Juul.

Just a few months back, the FDA blamed Juul of informing students that its vaping goods are “completely safe” and “99% secure versus cigarettes.” The FTC (Federal Trade Commission), Senate, and the House have all issued their own probes into teen marketing tactics of Juul. The Trump management has discussed barring flavored e-cig goods or/and lifting the minimum age for vaping.

In response to concerns of teen vaping, Juul has rolled out a track-and-trace project, and starting in 2020, it will need retailers to scan user’s IDs. It has also stopped selling mint and fruit-flavored vape goods.

As if this were not sufficiently bad for Juul, the CDC has verified extra 2,000 cases of vaping-associated lung injury. The CDC has decided that vitamin E acetate is a “possible toxin of concern” but the cause of the diseases is still a secret. Juul has also been blamed of shipping impure goods, although the firm refuses those claims.

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