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Bad Cholesterol Is Only As Harmful As Its Concentration

New study at Ohio University displays that a specific subclass of LDL (low-density lipoproteins), also dubbed as “bad cholesterol,” is a much better forecaster of possible heart attacks as compared to the mere attendance of LDL, which is wrong more often than not.

The attendance of LDL is believed to be an indicator for the possible risk of coronary disease or heart attacks, but researches have displayed that almost 75% of patients who have heart attacks suffer from cholesterol levels that do not show a high danger for such an event. Study by researcher Dr. Jiangzhou Hua and Distinguished Professor at Ohio University Dr. Tadeusz Malinski displays that of the 3 subclasses that involve LDL, only one leads to significant harm.

“Our researches can clarify why an association of total “bad” cholesterol with a danger of heart attack is dangerously misleading and poor—it is wrong 3/4th of the time,” Malinski claimed. “These national rules might seriously undervalue the noxious impacts of LDL cholesterol, particularly in cases where the content of subclass B in overall LDL is more than 50% or higher.”

Malinski’s group employed nanosensors to calculate the level of peroxynitrite and nitric oxide in endothelium field by LDL subclasses and mentioned the outcomes in a research posted in the present issue of International Journal of Nanomedicine. LDL’s subclass B was discovered to be the most injuring to endothelial operation and can add to the growth of atherosclerosis. Hence, it is not the entire amount of LDL cholesterol one contains, but instead the level of subclass B to the remaining two, subclass I and subclass A, that might be employed to diagnose the danger of heart attack and atherosclerosis.

“Knowing this can result in enhancing the preciseness of diagnosis for the assessment of rates for cardiovascular disease,” Malinski claimed.

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