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Tencent Supposedly Needs To Make Its Own Games Using Nintendo Characters

Tencent has eyes on developing Nintendo-akin titles with Nintendo characters, as per the media. The media mentions an unidentified Tencent executive claiming that the firm needs to “extend from China” by developing console titles for Europe and the US. Instead of pushing its own concepts to an IP, Tencent will attempt and turn out to be a household name here by taking credits on Nintendo’s.

The Chinese behemoth needs to “make console titles using Nintendo characters” and, in performing so, “study the essence of creating console titles from engineers at Nintendo.” That does not essentially mean it will go forward, since Nintendo is infamous for defending its IP and culture, in order to maintain the experience for users.

On one hand, the association is reasonable, since Nintendo and Tencent already have a business partnership, which began previously this year. The pair joined hands with the aim of trading the Switch in China, where devices (and in general gaming) are regulated tightly. But in spite of promises of getting the devices into stores, there has been little movement actually, mostly down to regulatory challenges.

And Nintendo has made cautious decisions towards letting others to use its toys, particularly when China is comprised. Some GameCube and Wii titles were published for the NVIDIA Shield in China, comprising The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and New Super Mario Bros (Wii). In the same way, Nintendo has made games on mobile, comprising Super Mario Run, with creator DeNa. Not to cite that it permitted Ubisoft to create Mario+Rabbids.

The power position of Tencent in the games sector is also convincing, since it is now the biggest game firm in the world by income. That is mostly down to spending in developers and publishers with a huge presence in the US, comprising Epic Games, Riot Games, PUBG Corp., Activision Blizzard, Supercell, Ubisoft, and Miniclip, among others.

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