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The All New Cases For Making Mars A Livable Planet Are Ready

Ever since, human has discovered outer space, the hunt for another planet was started and still is going on. Meanwhile, many of the astronomers came up with the idea to make present planets in our solar system livable as Earth. Mostly, the planet which is chosen for creating another livable planet is Mars.

The red planet is just away from the Earth and is most likely chosen planet for creating a new life there. Robert Zubrin—founder, Mars Society—has came up with a new ways to colonize Mars. Currently, the leading space research institutes such as SpaceX and NASA are carrying out various ideas and are simulating them to see how they can be helpful in creating another life on the red planet. On the other side, Zubrin have claimed that he has created best cases to live on the Mars. While speaking at International Astronautical Congress (IAC), the Mars Society founder revealed about his cases.

Zubrin is working on his dream project named ‘Mars Direct’ over a long period. As a part of the research done accordingly to project, he has designed some cases that explain the living on the Mars. The researcher has stated with a firm stand that the cases really sense when NASA’s various plans and SpaceX’s proposed architecture of Starship come into the picture.

Zubrin aimed ‘Mars Direct, about 30 years ago. According to the purposed mission, a spacecraft named earth return vehicle (ERV) will be launched on Mars. This uncrewed vehicle equipped with a nuclear-powered rover will take nearly six months to complete its voyage. The rover will generate rocket fuel from the Martian atmosphere which is mostly dominated by carbon dioxide. After 26 months, two more spacecrafts—an ERV and an astronaut-carrying habitat—will be sent to Mars. The astronauts will return to the Earth after 18 months. The same procedure will be followed again with new ERV and astronaut-carrying habitat.

According To Zubrin, ‘Mars Direct’ totally differs from NASA and SpaceX.

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