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Boeing accomplishes aborting pad in Starliner test

Spokesperson of Boeing and NASA stated that they have conducted a successful aborting pad test for CST-100 Starliner on November 4 despite one among three parachutes of capsule failed to deploy properly.

The commercial crew space-vehicle toBoeing accomplishes aborting pad in Starliner testok off from Launch-Complex 32 in New Mexico around 09:15 A.M EST. Launch-abort engines and orbital-maneuvering thrusters of the spacecraft fired for about 5 and 10 seconds which accelerated the speed of spacecraft greater than 620 miles per hour for simulation of escaping rocket which had malfunctioned at launching pad.

The capsule reached the planned altitude viz. around 1,350 meters then it jettisoned heat shield, service module and deployment of parachutes. Airbags were used to cushion the capsule and it landed on the ground one-and-half minute after liftoff. Through a live broadcast, Jessica Landa stated that Boeing had undertaken a successful test. On the other hand Kathy Lueders stated that NASA’s team is thrilled after preliminary results, moreover the team now has to undertake a real job to analyze the data and see if everything is as per expectations or not.

Both, Boeing and NASA acknowledged a glitch during the test, which was that only two parachutes were deployed when the capsule descended. It’s speculated that third parachute either didn’t deploy or it might have torn. Team members who were present at the test site stated that the design of Starliner is made in such a way that it can only land safely in case one of the main parachutes malfunction.

Aborting pad test is considered a major milestone for Starliner’s development, another test which the Starliner has to pass is for orbital flight without any crew which is named as Orbital Flight Test. The launch will take place on December 17, speculations are being made that the present parachute failure may cause delay in the mission. During post-launch statement, one of the spokesperson of Boeing stated that the Starliner suffered from deployment anomaly but it can be stated as parachute failure.

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