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Elon Musk donates $1 million worth of trees for YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson. 

A donation of $1 million worth of trees has been made by Elon Musk to the YouTuber known as Jimmy Donaldson who is currently running a campaign to raise an amount of $20 million from fellow celebrities on YouTube for a fundraising effort for climate change.

Musk’s recent move is strange especially because Elon Musk had recently sworn a testimony recently where he said that he is illiquid financially.

Musk had told Donaldson that he is going to make this donation on Twitter after he was nudged for quite some time by Marques Brownlee who had interviewed Elon Musk a lot of times in the past and is a big fan of Tesla. Musk had shown initial interest a day before asking on Twitter about the kind of trees which were being planted as part of this effort. The YouTuber in his response had said that the trees are being planted across continents in an attempt to save Antarctica and the kinds of trees depend on where they are going to be planted.

The program even before the donation made my Musk had been successful and the YouTuber had been able to collect over $6 billion. The project is in partnership with a foundation known as Arbor Day Foundation

After Brownlee telling Musk, he pledged to donate as many as one million trees.

Musk in the past has also engaged in several other banters with the YouTuber who is involved in a lot of philanthropic activities which also involve giving a big sum of money to strangers sometimes.

Musk has gone to the top spot of donors and is now listed on the top spot with his pledge of 1 million trees.

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