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Coli superbug can be stopped with frequent hand washing

According to a new research people that fail to wash their hands after using the toilet are most likely to contract and spread antibiotic resistant E-Coli instead of those that eat undercooked meat and other foods. Though both animals and humans carry the bacteria of E-Coli in the gut that is considered harmless but some strains leads to food poisoning and can cause urinary tract infections in some people along with life threatening bloodstream infections. In the past 20 years this disease has become resistant to antibiotics as its latest strains with Extended Spectrum Beta Lactamases enzymes destroys both penicillin and antibiotic cephalosporin.

The scientists have discovered that the most likely route for transmission of ESBL-E coli is from human to human due to faecal particles of one individual reaching into mouth of another. Infections caused by this bacterium are difficult to treat and have become common in both hospitals and community circles says researcher David Livermore from Norwich Medical School. He stated that the morality rates of people that have been infected with these strains are almost double than of people that have been infected with treatable strains. He said that E.Coli is responsible for more than 40000 cases of blood poisoning in England annually.

Researchers analyzed around 20,000 fecal samples along with hundreds of blood samples before publishing the results of their study on The Lancet Infectious Diseases journal this week. The tests revealed that strain ST131 which is present in human gut can sometimes cause drastic infections and blood infections and present in sewerage and feces samples. Different strains that are less infectious are found in animal meat and slurry. A majority of E.Coli strains that cause infections in humans are not from eating meat products like chicken and other foods. Livermore explained that though chicken and other meat products should be cooked well and salads should be handled carefully but to prevent ESBL-E Coli it is safest to clean hands well after going to the toilet.

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