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Treatment of joint pain suspected to be harmful  as per a study

A new report which had been published on Tuesday has said that the therapy which is commonly given for joint pain might not be an option which is as safe as was believed previously by experts.

To reduce the inflammation and pain from osteoarthritis, the injections of Corticosteroid are given a lot of times.

However the report says that these injections may be more harmful than the good they do. The injections in the hips as well as in the knees might lead to acceleration in the progression of the disease and might even lead to a hastening of the need for the replacement of the joint through surgeries in the longer run according to Dr Ali Guermazi who is the lead author of the report.

According to him, the injections that are given in the hips or the knees have turned out to not be as safe as they had been initially thought off.

It has been estimated that over 30 million people in America have the chronic condition of osteoarthritis which causes a loss in the cartilage, pain, swelling and joint inflammation and in a very sever case, bone destruction as per the Arthritis Foundation.

The injections of Corticosteroid into the hips as well as knees are considered a common treatment for the patients who are in significant amount of pain. It has been revealed through a study that among over 16,500 patients who had undergone joint replacement, half had received the corticosteroid injection in the two years prior. These injections are often covered through insurance.

In the research it was found that 8% of the patients had developed complications like bone damage in 2 to 15 months after the injections had been given.

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