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Space Industry Pitches To Recruit More Software Engineers

Reportedly, some space firms state their greatest recruitment difficulty at the moment is hiring adequate software engineers to manage their programs. At the Satellite Innovation summit, James Grossman—OneWeb Principal Engineer—said, “It is a domain I believe this industry has always contended with. We are competing for people with some of the top-funded firms across the globe, and that is constantly difficult.” The space firms—including many in Silicon Valley—stated competing with nearby technology titans—such as Apple and Google—make it tough to find the ability they need. In an interview, Dan Ceperley—CEO of LeoLabs—said, “The interesting thing related to space now is it requires huge non-space capabilities. LeoLabs is developing a system of radar dishes for monitoring satellites and space debris.” He added that most of the company’s services depend on cloud computing, which is software-focused.

Ceperley added, “You need experts who know how to operate cloud applications, as the software that is managing the satellites or operating the radar networks is in the cloud.” Ehson Mosleh—Chief Scientist at Tyvak Nanosatellite Systems—emphasized on the software used for propulsion systems as an illustration of where engineering capability is critical. With constellations aiming thousands of thruster-outfitted satellites, a software bug can actually lead to lot of disorder. Ceperley stated one benefit space firms have is the coolness aspect. LeoLabs has recruited software engineers from the video game, advertising, and healthcare areas who are space geeks, or wish to be one, he said.

On a related note, space internet service is closer to becoming reality. The test outcomes from the latest LEO (Low Earth Orbit) internet satellite liftoffs have started and they are impressive. OneWeb—which released 6 Airbus satellites in February—reported tests showed throughput speed of more than 400 megabits per second and waiting period of 40 Milliseconds. OneWeb collaborated with Intellian—which is developer of OneWeb user terminals—and tested for speed, latency, handover between satellites, jitter, and power control.

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