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Platinum Could Unsolve The Mystery Behind 12,800 Years Old Meteorite Strike

After 13,000 years, the climate seems to have cooled in many parts of the world, especially in the northern hemisphere. The ice cores that were drilled in Greenland and the oceans on the globe helped understand the cooling concept. The cooler period can be well understood through the grains of pollen and the earlier Younger Dryas period plus the warm climate that came up immediately after the Ice Age were also studied. The Dryas octopetala flower that was found in the parts of Europe 12,800 years ago during the colds is also another sign in terms of earlier cold temperatures.

The animals like mammoths, bison, and giant sloths all became extinct as the cooled environment disappeared. Richard Firestone and his American colleagues in 2017 put forth a new hypothesis that a cosmic impact like an asteroid or comet was the reason behind such a climatic change. The dust pushed in the air could also be a cause for the reduction in sunlight touching the Earth’s surface. The meteorites have platinum and the presence of it on Earth in certain regions is a sign of a cosmic impact. The areas in Europe, Western Asia, North America, and even Patagonia in South America along with ice core in Greenland have shown presence of platinum spikes. The platinum spikes at Wonderkrater show the opposite but the pollen grains indicate the drop in temperature.

Similarly, in Greenland, a large meteorite crater about 31 Km in diameter was found below the ice of the Hiawatha glacier. It is believed to have happened at the time of the Younger Dryas but its rim is fresh and the ice is not older than 12,800 years. The crater is being related to the hypothesized meteorite that hit the Earth at the time of the Younger Dryas but is not yet certain.

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