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Peanut Capsules Can Now Help Children Tolerate Peanut Allergies

The children dealing with peanut allergies have the government experts experimenting with a new treatment for peanut allergies observed in children. This new experiment has become the first-ever approved treatment for averting life-threatening reactions. The experts have found that consuming capsules of peanut powder on a regular basis can help slowly help increase the tolerance level in children. The FDA has willingly voted for Aimmune Therapeutics’ treatment. The vote given by the outside panel of advisers is definitely going to favor it for approval. The final decision is expected to be made by January 2020. The parents and children dealing with peanut allergies definitely find the new medication fruitful.

But, the major concern is the need to consume the drug on a daily basis to maintain its effect. The medication is expected to be sold as Palforzia. The drug would be made available to people aged 4–17 Years as there are 1.6 Million children and teenagers in the US who are dealing with this problem. The standard treatment is to keep a watch on what children put in their mouth. This treatment is found to be unpredictable and many children end up in the emergency rooms each year. The allergies tend to affect socializing and eating habits of the children as they are always in the fear of having an allergic attack anytime and anywhere due to the consumption of wrong food.

The children with peanut allergies were found to have developed great tolerance after having Aimmune’s capsules on a daily basis. However, the trials have shown 9% of the participants to have severe allergic reactions. The California-based company anticipates on spending around $5,000–$10,000 in the first 6 Months followed by $300–$400 in the later months. The company is also looking for other treatments to cure common food allergies like eggs. Similarly, many of the families have compelled eateries to display full and clear allergen information on menus. The change in the law can help non pre-packed food, restaurants, and other eateries let people know about the dishes that contain any of the 14 most common allergens. The restaurants like Carluccio’s and Zizzi have started using interactive allergen menu services like Menu Guide to help people filter their dishes.

Alyssa Furlow
Alyssa Furlow Author
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Alyssa works as the key columnist of the Global Newspaper 24 Health section and writes various health-related news here from the last 4 years. She is actively involved in this field form the last 5 years and manages the Health section at Global Newspaper 24 as the Head of the Department efficiently. She is a master in delivering in-detail news reports on various innovations and advancements in the Healthcare industry. She is also involved in carrying out a few decisive interviews and surveys arranged with the medical organizations and professionals. Alyssa has completed a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Degree and holds great comprehension about the medical terminologies and complex concepts in it.

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