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Google Launches A New Google Fi Unlimited Plan At A Reasonable Price

Google has recently announced that it will be launching a novel “Google Fi Unlimited Plan” that will function exactly the same way as the other unlimited offerings that the competitors provide to make it more familiar for consumers. This new plan will be providing a number of plus sides such as the discounted charges when the customer will be handling more than one line, a bundled Google One partisanship with cloud storage, and others. The tech giant had announced about the new plan to the public in order to let them known that they have a feasible plan coming their way. The company is going to charge $70/month for single lines, $60/month/line for two lines, $50/month/line for three lines, and $45/month/line for 4 or 6 lines.

The 100GB of cloud storage that comes along with the Google One membership will provide a free way to store their data in the cloud and give them an opportunity to automatically have a backup of their photos. The Google One membership also offers some other perks like discounts on Google products. The users will also be getting unlimited data, text, and talk on the new plan despite no confirmation from Google that it will be slowing data speeds for the users who across 22GB of data in the provided month. The speed issue is expected to be affecting almost 1% of the Fi’s current users. The tech giant will be standardizing the streaming video quality up to a resolution of 480p, which is nothing but DVD quality. The new Unlimited plan is another addition to the existing Fi Flexible plan that the customers willing to have can pay for the data use. People who use less data can use Flexible plan that charges $20/month for a single line and $10 per gigabyte of mobile data for the entire billing period.

On a similar note, Google search is now going to make it possible for the users to select the exact parts of a video that are most helpful. This new feature has been published after looking at the timestamp information from a YouTube video’s description. The use of this new feature can help save time and get to the point.

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